Reel Changes Inc.

Creating Beauty in your Everyday, be it Commercial or Residential, is what we do at Reel Changes Inc.

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Custom Landscape Design

Reel Changes gives free estimates. We can provide you with a custom landscape design for residential and commercial properties. We also have many years of experience bidding on projects from blueprints.

Fully Stocked Nursery

We have a Fully Stocked plant and tree nursery. All of our trees are Grade A #1 field grown material and are fully guaranteed.

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Decorative Designs

Spruce -Up your property with beautiful landscaping accents. Reel Changes Inc has a wide inventory of rock and boulders to add a decorative touch to any project.

Landscaping & Design

Our company has been doing landscaping for over 30 years. Family owned and operated, We can provide a solution to meet you needs. Whether it’s a small area or Large Contact us for a free quote.

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Welcome to Reel Changes Landscaping and Nursery

Reel Changes Inc


Thanks for stopping in. 

   Reel Changes Inc. is an established landscaping and nursery company in Florida, serving Brevard and Indian River Counties since 1996. With over thirty years of experience, we are able to achieve superior quality along with efficient service for our customers.

At Reel Changes Inc. we are licensed landscape contractors, excavating contractors and dealers in agriculture products, lawn maintenance and retail nursery. We have the experience, resources and knowledge to supply you with native and tropical plant material for your landscaping needs, along with site preparation, installation, and planting maintenance. 

We have a fully stocked plant and tree nursery. All trees are Grade A#1 field grown material. Coquina Rock, Calida Rock and Capp Rock is also available at the nursery. Our company can deliver, as well as install, sod, mulch, potting soil, landscape boulders, rock and dirt to any job site. Rockscaping, Grading, Land Clearing services are also available. Most importantly, we are a family owned and operated business with a vested interest in not only our success but yours as well.

  • Pick Up Service

    Reel Changes Inc makes two trips to South Florida every month. We are able to offer Hauling and Delivery services during these times.
  • Best Prices

    Because we own our nursery, we can offer the best prices on the Treasure Coast. Call us for a quote TODAY
  • Add Some Color

    Add a little COLOR to your everyday with Custom Landscaping designed for you.
  • Proud of Our Work

    We are Very Proud of our work and our employees, Check out our gallery to see why!
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What We Do

  • Retail Nursery +

    Retail Nursery We have a fully stocked plant and tree Nursery. We have field grown trees catering to the tropicals. We also Read More
  • Landscape Design +

    Landscape Design Our company does selective tree trimming & pruning. We recommend this on a yearly basic. Cleaning all the dead wood Read More
  • Delivery & Hauling +

    Delivery & Hauling Trash, Building Material,  Debris, Furniture or AppliancesAre you facing a CLEAN-UP PROJECT –DON’T STRESS OUTWe can haul small items or Read More
  • Seawalls +

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We Deliver

Reel Changes can deliver materials to your job site. Here are some of the items we deliver:

  • Sod
  • Mulch
  • Dirt
  • Potting Soil
  • Plants
  • Trees
  • Rock
  • Landscape Boulders