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     Reel Changes Inc has been doing landscaping for over 30 years (servicing Brevard & Indian river Counties for 17 years) Family owned and operated
We can provide a custom Landscape design which is a creation of the customers Character, Preferences and Beauty with attention to detail and will grow without the needs of constant and costly attention in this environment. Whether it's a small area or Large we are confident we can design something special. How about a tropical Island look (no need to go on an Island Vacation You can have a staycation right in your own home. We can design a special sitting area to relax with a butterfly/flower/rose garden. Maybe a year round cooking area with natural stone fire pit, pathways with beautiful landscapes, Cap stone steps, Coquina walls, Calita planter boxes and much more. Perhaps a design with a fish pond, waterfall or a rock garden.

reel changes     We start with meeting with our customers for new landscaping or bursting up existing landscaping. This takes place at the project site or at our Landscaping/Nursery Company. Consultation and recommendation is next. We commit to paper and a written proposal that is sent out for approval. Signature is required before any work is scheduled. Locates (Sunshine State One Call) will locate all your underground wires before we begin. No misunderstandings, No extra fees, No Problems, That's our policy!

     Our company has all the equipment, tools, trucks, trailers and back hoes etc. and an experienced landscaping team to complete your project on a timely basis. All materials will be quality # 1 grades and standards. What we don't grow in our Nursery, we buy from our long time fellow Nurserymen all over the state.  Making your property stand out from the rest is our company's goal.


Reel Changes guarantees all trees, shrubs and plants installed by our company for 100% of the purchased price for one year. This guarantee is conditional upon proper horticultural practices being utilized during the period of the guarantee; i.e. watering, cultivation, fertilization.

  • Watering- All plant material and trees shall be watered weekly in the absence of rain (1.5" of rain per week) Special instructions will be given for the first few weeks for new Landscaping.
  • Cultivation- All beds will be kept in a weed free condition by spraying Round-Up Herbicide monthly. All mulch to be maintained at 3 inches minimum depth.
  • Fertilization- All trees, shrubs and plants to be fertilized with 8-10-10 with recommended rates every three (3) months or four (4) months. Palms to be fertilized with 13-3-13 with recommended rates every three (3) months.

In the event of acts of nature including, but not limited to, flood, drought, insects, hurricanes, severe freezes, vandalism or physical damage caused by humans or animals this guarantee is void.

  • Pick Up Service

    Reel Changes Inc makes two trips to South Florida every month. We are able to offer Hauling and Delivery services during these times.
  • Best Prices

    Because we own our nursery, we can offer the best prices on the Treasure Coast. Call us for a quote TODAY
  • Add Some Color

    Add a little COLOR to your everyday with Custom Landscaping designed for you.
  • Proud of Our Work

    We are Very Proud of our work and our employees, Check out our gallery to see why!
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180-design-1Our company does selective tree trimming & pruning. We recommend this on a yearly basic. Cleaning all the dead wood off the trees alone can avoid any disease or open wounds that a dead limb can have. Maintenance is critical for evaluating any sickness or diseases that can be treated in an on time manner. Keeping your trees trimmed and healthy also protects your property during severe thunderstorms and hurricanes.


Why can't you have a garden oasis on your property. Enjoy a Stay-cation Every Day.Our company can work with you to create a beautiful, peaceful atmosphere using your existing space. Water features, ponds rock features, shrubs and hedges... whatever it takes to make you comfortable. Call us to discuss all the options available. 


imageTrash/Building Material/ Debris/Furniture/Appliances
We can haul small items or multiple truck loads.
We are dependable, arrive on time and never leave a mess.
Reusable items will be donated to Goodwill to help our local community


Earthwork Services

We are a Licensed Excavation Contractor delivering Commercial and Residential excavation services throughout Indian River and Brevard Counties.

We offer Site Preparation, Lot Clearing, Retaining walls, Landscape Boulder Walls, Yard Ponds, Sod/Weed Removal, Patio Drainage, Flagpoles, Asphalt Paving, Road Grading, Trucking and Hauling Debris.

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Reel Changes Inc has years of experience in Florida earthworks. Digging, Planting, Clearing and Erosion Control. Talk to our experts to save yourself time and money.

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Let's ROCK

We have large quantities of Coquina Rock, Calida Rock and Capp Rock to make your Landscaping Project stand out.

We Deliver

Reel Changes can deliver materials to your job site. Here are some of the items we deliver:

  • Sod
  • Mulch
  • Dirt
  • Potting Soil
  • Plants
  • Trees
  • Rock
  • Landscape Boulders